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mostly about comments

What is this?

This is the comments section for the (food) comic website Mostly About Food.

Here you can read my notes on the comics (as well as other subjects) and write your own comments.

Kiss my RSS!

Making ofPosted by Kalle Tue, June 14, 2011 21:20:28

(Posted originally on June 16th, 2006)

So, now the monkey in charge of the tech dept. has finally managed to put up an RSS feed. Of course, it would never have been able to do it without help and guidance from some very smart friends, to whom the management sends a thank-you fruit basket. Or something in that direction.

For the moment the service is limited to RSS 2.0 but it will be improved as the tech monkey learns more about feeding. We're training it with bananas and electric shocks, so you can expect progress in the foreseeable future.

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