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Making ofPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 22:18:40

(Posted originally on June 11th, 2006)

E-mailing a link to your site to all your friends and relatives and demanding them to forward the link to everyone they know doesn’t really bring all that many readers. Not even though they all would comply. I knew from the start that if I wanted to have such a number of regular visitors that would compel me to keep on drawing, I’d have to do something a bit more dramatic. Having some experience from sending comic-based job applications and other personalized comics to some people (we’ll return to this one day), I felt that sending a comic link-me-plea to my favourite food bloggers (whom I knew are popular) might help raise awareness of my site.

The plan worked beyond all expectations. Two of the blogs, Amateur Gourmet and Accidental Hedonist, published the comics they received on their websites and a third, An Obsession With Food wrote about it. Fourth one asked me if the comic I sent could be published on the blog, but it hasn’t turned up yet, but I'm quite sure it will. Only the fifth food blog, which didn’t really receive a comic as much as a single picture cartoon, hasn’t yet reacted in any way. In order not to press anyone to do something they for some reason don’t wish to do, I’m not going to say, which these blogs are. Also, I am not publishing the comics (at least now), because they were sort of personal pleas to each the specific bloggers, which means that they are free to keep them to themselves, if they please. Honestly, I mean it.

Anyways, then, after a couple of days I started to find links and articles about MAF on websites, which didn’t get any comics, like Slashfood. Great big thanks for that!

As is customary, I read the very positive comments about MAF on the above-mentioned blogs (many times, to be honest) and wrote a thank-you note in them. And I AM enormously grateful for the Link Love from such well-known bloggers, who quite clearly have all kinds of other business, than linking other peoples sites, too. I wrote on Amateur Gourmet that I owe Adam a dinner, if he ever comes to Copenhagen, but the same offer goes to Kate and Derrick as well! So, once more, thank you seven thousand times, it was very kind and helpful of you to link me and it might just make all the difference for the future of Mostly About Food.

Naturally, getting link love from some very popular sites caused an enormous rush of readers to my site, which felt nothing short of ecstatic. After surfing and lurking on the Internet for some 11 years, building up my own website and then, all of a sudden, have an inspirational number of readers is quite overwhelming. The pressure to produce more, better, faster comics is pretty big, so I am trying to create as much time as possible for MAF-related activities. This will apparently turn to demand quite a lot of commitment from my part. Well, if it keeps me away from my PS2, it will make my wife happy :o) Also, I’ve read the readers’ comments and you are dead right about the necessity of RSS-feed. It will be available as soon as the monkey, who’s in charge of the tech department (pays close resemblance to me, myself and I) gets his head out of his butt and finds out how to do it. Or gets an intelligent person to fix it. Several improvements are on their way. Just be patient.

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