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Making ofPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 22:14:25

(Posted originally on June 7th, 2006)

Now I've finally added some links. Not that many links to other food blogs, one might notice. But then again, I don't read them all, so there's just a list of the ones I do read on a regular basis. Maybe someday I manage to penetrate into the food blogging society, which might increase my interest in checking out more food blogs. Maybe. But these are my current favourites.

Then there are the comic links. It was surprisingly hard to find decent links for many of them, like Iznogoud or Moebius sci-fi comics. Thank Pete for Wikipedia for having at least some information on most of these. Of course, many of them have had their golden days a long time ago, so they aren't featured too much, apart from some retro-lover sites. This is especially true for Tex Willer and Commando, which were popular in the 70's and 80's but I don't think there are many 10-year olds getting all excited about them today.... am I right? But I still find it a bit odd that some very well known comics have such a weak (official) web presence, like Frank Miller's "Batman" and Alan Moore's and Eddie Campbell's "From Hell". Of course, my inability to Google effectively could be a factor in not finding much useful information on popular comics. Feel free to e-mail me better links, should you come across such.

One of the web comic sites has struck me as really phenomenal, namely E-Sheep by Patrick Farley. It is really showing the potential of what web comics can be and could become. And it's so well done that I want to toss all my pens, papers and the laptop to the trash bin and then start to concentrate on the business-school-graduate jobs, as I am supposed to.

Why do I always feel stupid, useless and talentless every time I see something impressive? Should it not be inspiring? Would it not be more creative to just try to improve your skills whenever examining the work of someone, who is so much better than you? Maybe it's the realization that there is so much quality stuff out there, most of which will never emerge from their obscurity and reach a wider audience. Majority of people will live on happily with soul-free strips of Garfield in their newspapers, never once acquainting themselves with, for instance, Electric Sheep. Maybe it gives me that bad feeling, that if this stuff is more or less "underground", how am I, with my meager skills in art, writing, technology and structuring, ever going to find readers and/or a publisher?

But then again, a completely mediocre product like the aforementioned Garfield can make it really big. So why wouldn't Mostly About Food? Not that it really needs to (in terms of money and fame), but some kind of popularity would be welcome. In any case, I strongly urge you to check at least the web comic links. I'll be adding more of them as time goes by.

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