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Making ofPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 22:08:54

(Posted originally on June 7th, 2006)

You may or may not have noticed a change in the title: the unpeeled potato-shaped O and the orange half O's have stepped down to give way to the maki roll (think of it as some candy, if you don't like sushi) and the cherries. I'm going to keep on doing this kind of thing in the future. But I'll probably keep the sunny side up O.

Just FYI, there was also a slideshow, "Sandwich of the Month", if only briefly. It didn't really fit. I am not completely satisfied with the emptiness of the front page, but I haven't really figured out yet, what to fill it with. Right now I don't want to direct the readers anywhere else than to the comics themselves, or the extra stuff in the top frame. I'm trying to construct a new kind of slideshow, just to make the front page a bit more appealing.

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