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The Licorice Hunter

ComicsPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 21:21:34
(Posted originally on Apr 23rd, 2006)

I have a feeling that most of the world isn’t quite aware of the wonders of licorice. That’s why I created a steveirwinesque character to present different kinds of licorice to the ignorant masses. Haribo didn’t pay me anything for this one and their licorice isn’t really my no. 1 favourite, but the idea came from Michael, the crazy German pilot. He lived in another part of Germany the first time I met him (I was accompanying two of my crazy pilot friends, who earned a little money importing used motorcycles from Germany to Finland) and we offered him some candy, which cheered him up considerably because it came from Bonn, just like he did. The scene is impossible to re-create, but that’s how I wanted to start this series and thus ended up including Michael in it. He will get a bigger role in the future and will turn wackier.