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ComicsPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 21:15:58

(Posted originally on Apr 22nd, 2006)

This blog was supposed to be done in these monologue comics, but drawing them would take too much time from doing the food comics, so there’s not going to be as many of them as I originally thought. There’ll probably be some making-of comics and cigarette breaks, where I whine and explain, though. So far I’ve got the best reviews for this one, and I have to admit it, so far it is the funniest. It’s also quite honest and decadent, which some readers may find appealing.

This was, obviously, the quickest and easiest one to make. I was angry with myself and wrote the rant, then drew a bunch of pictures in no particular order, scanned and assembled. In terms of style it, for once, worked out as expected. The only difficult thing was the speech bubbles, which were hard to mould to capacitate the text. I think I won’t use much oval bubbles in the future, square ones are much easier to deal with.