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Winter Chops

ComicsPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 20:52:39
(Posted originally on Apr 22nd, 2006)

Unsurprisingly, yet another starter of a series, this time Cream. I wanted to have a flirty, rubenesque character, who happily cooks very heavy food claiming it’s light. I thought that could be funny. Requires some development, though. Most of all, I would like the male readers develop a desire for her, kind of like when you see a big, round, self-confident girl, who really can dance and you want her badly but don’t want to admit it. That’s how you will feel about Ingela and her cooking in the future.

This comic has another proof of my beginnerness and the fact that it’s extremely hard to draw hands: Ingela’s right hand is turned wrong way in the panel where she tastes the sauce. I’m planning to fix it some day.