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ComicsPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 22:26:52

(Posted originally on June 11th, 2006)

I’m really in doubt with this one. It starts out okay, but maybe the leather-bondage sequence in the end is a bit too... tasteless? unoriginal? I guess this is one of those situations, when a writer first feels that he has written something really smart and funny, but then breaks the rules and does not delete it. At first I thought the ”whip me” metaphor was funny, but now I feel it’s cheap and juvenile. Ah, well... you can’t get it right every time. At least the begging worked: a whole bunch of people has given a signal that they’ve read it. Although I think the heavy commenting on that one is mostly caused by my World Domination Campaign and that comic being the freshest one after the initial phase of the campaign. More about that below.