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mostly about comments

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On updating

Making ofPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 22:00:07

(Posted originally on May 27th, 2006)

The slow pace keeps on bothering me. Especially when I re-read The Amateur Gourmet's 1000th post about how to start a food blog. He says - and I believe it - that the key to creating a succesful food blog is to update often, preferably daily, if possible. Given the amount of time it takes me to draw a single page, it just can't be done.

But maybe I should cut myself some slack. As you may know, there are plenty of web comic sites, which are updated daily, but those are predominantly black-and-white strip comics with 1-4 panels each. That makes 6-24 panels a week (on Sunday you don't work). Then an average comic of mine with some 10-24 panels pretty much represents a week's worth of comics (especially if they are in colour). So, a one-two page story a week wouldn't be nothing to be ashamed of. If it only were so... No, I'm not starting that discussion again, you've heard it all before.

One possibility to increase the updating frequency could be a build-up. To publish the stories three-four panels a day. Not the most elegant way to do it, since I don't do my comics in handy, semi-independent strips, but it could force some readers to check the page every day for further development in the story. In the near future I might structure some stories to be easily "buildable" and see if it works.