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Season’s Greetings: Spring

ComicsPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 21:36:06
(Posted originally on May 5th, 2006)

The second episode in the Season's Greetings series is just as late as the first one. Though, so is the spring itself. It was pretty damn cold and unpleasant until this week, so in that sense the comic reflects reality. But now it's finally here, I feel life returning to my soul, heart racing with joy and desire, the hills alive with the sound of music...

Ah, drokk it. Who am I trying to fool? Spring is the time of mental depression and the peak season for suicide. Why is that? Naturally because it is evident that the world is renewing, everything around you is coming up with force and vigor, whereas you are the same as always, though a bit older. And that is not in harmony with all the freshness around you. Your life isn't going anywhere and you are not making a progress. Your blog hasn't become the instant global success and your updating frequency is nowhere near optimal. You have lost confidence in yourself and refuse even to try to find a fancy and fascinating job. All in all, you feel resigned. By "you" I mean "me", of course.

Hrm. Back to the comic itself. I feel that this one didn't work out quite as well as "Winter". I wasn't able to keep the colour scheme as uniform as in the first one and the style isn't as simple and pure now. Also, the little lamb doesn't look convincing, but sometimes you just don't have the energy to keep on tuning your work until it meets your requirements, partly because the requirements tend to go higher while you advance. So I decided to be happy with this lamb.