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The Way of the Exploding Omelette

ComicsPosted by Kalle Wed, April 06, 2011 21:22:54

(Posted originally on Apr 23rd, 2006)

The second comic in the Memory Lane series was a tricky one to produce. Namely, I can’t draw actual computer graphics, not even C-64 retro style. I tried to draw square-y stuff with the computer, but it didn’t do too well. I even thought I might colour cells in Excel and then copy/paste a print screen, but that proved quickly too cumbersome. So I tried another approach, which was to pencil the outlines and then draw blocks on them in the computer. It went better, but I didn’t quite manage to make it as authentic as I wanted to. But I am reasonably happy with the final results, mostly because of the incorporation of C-64 games into cooking and the overall nostalgia. This one also reminds me a lot of my cooking experiments: I have a clear vision of what it is supposed to be like, but somehow the end product – although quite fun and tasty – doesn’t really represent that original idea.

And for all of you C-64 geeks: yes, I know that Pirates! wasn’t released until 1987 but it was my favourite game, along with Airborne Ranger and Laser Squad, so it just had to be included.